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HouseHunting Expat housing rental service

No time to look for a new rental home, or do you not know exactly how to get hold of your ideal home, house or apartment? Our team is happy to help you find the right rental property.

Find a suitable home through HouseHunting

How it works

  • We will actively search for suitable properties for you, after you have indicated your preferences
  • We find a rental property through our network before the property is advertised online
  • No waiting lists or lengthy procedures
  • We inform you about available houses and you choose which we will view
  • We will go to the viewing together, as landlords often have a preference for a candidate who searches with assistance of a real-estate broker
  • Active in the Utrecht, Flevoland (for example Almere Poort/City/Haven/Buiten, near Amsterdam), Amersfoort and the Gooi area (Hilversum, Bussum, Weesp, Blaricum, Laren, Huizen)

The benefits

  • You don't have to look for a new home yourself and can focus on your new job and relocation
  • Find an apartment / maisonette / single-family home / studio through our network before the property is advertised online
  • No waiting lists or lengthy procedures
  • No cure no pay
  • Landlords often have a preference for a candidate who is looking through a real estate agent to rent a property
  • We check the content of the rental agreement

Tenant screening file

To increase the chance of success in the rental market, it is important to have a complete and up-to-date rental file. For this you will receive a link by e-mail to the online environment of Huurcheck, to create your rental file. Here you can create your own account per person, enter name and address details, upload proof of identity and additional documents. It is practical if you already have the following documents digitally available:

  • Signed employment contract
  • Employer's statement
  • 3 recent payslips
  • Bank statement crediting this salary
  • Passport or ID card (good quality photo from above)
  • Landlord statement (if applicable)

After uploading the data, we have complete file that allows us to deliver the requested data quickly and professionally. We do this to greatly speed up the process and increase the chance of the allocation of the property to you, through HouseHunting.

Rental contract and key transfer

As a supporting rental broker, we also keep an eye on the lease agreement. For example, we look at the notice periods, and durations. We also look at whether special conditions have been included which may be a disadvantageous for the tenant. We will check the rental contract before it is signed.

When the key transfer takes place, which is also called the check-in, it is important that any defects are noted and an action is attached to them. After the inspection you get the keys and you have found a new home!

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Can I also get help after the key transfer?

When moving to a new home, a lot of hassle may be coming your way, so wouldn't it be nice if the connection of contracts for gas, water, electricity, internet & TV is arranged for you? We can help you with this for free.

In addition, HouseHunting can also help and advise you regarding insurance contracts, such as home contents insurance or liability insurance.

Staff housing

We can also carry out searches for employers in order to offer your employee(s) a suitable accommodation. By first meeting with each other to discuss the wishes, we get a clear view of what the wishes are. In this way, HouseHunting Midden-Nederland helps you to house your staff in a professional manner.

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  • Full-service Vastgoedbeheer
  • Professionele foto's
  • Expat gericht
  • Volledige ontzorging

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